I’ve cancelled :-s

5 02 2010

I phoned EFREC this morning and cancelled my IVF cycle which was meant to start in March/April. The nurse has put me on the waiting list to call back in July when AF starts so IVF would be August.

I feel a bit strange… like I’m throwing away my chance to get pregnant but as I went for my TVUS this morning to check my follies since taking the Clomid, I do still have hope that I won’t need IVF.

The scan showed that I have 2 dominant follies, one measured 11mm and the other 13mm. There were other smaller ones but the nurse didn’t really mention them. She did tell me that she didn’t want me to have loads anyway… not sure why! I’ve to go back on Monday morning again as she reckons I’ll OV on Sunday.

I told DH we should BD every day until it’s been confirmed that I have OV’d. It wasn’t too big a fib… FF tells you this!! :o)

The administrator for GCRM Edinburgh clinic also emailed me to find out if I wanted to make an appt (I’d emailed previously to find out when their new satellite clinic would be opening).

I told her that I was on Clomid and wanted to see how that worked but if it didn’t work I’d def call for an appointment. She said the next available appt at Edinburgh is at the beginning of March so it looks like there’s a 3-4 week waiting list to meet with the RE.

Good to know for the future… but as always, here’s hoping it’s one appt I’ll not need to make!


Private v’s NHS

4 02 2010

I’ve been researching the IVF statistics of both the Edinburgh Fertility and Reproductive Endocrine Centre (EFREC) and the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine (GCRM) on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) website.

I’ve taken both statistcs and compared them side by side and it’s helped me make a decision about our next IVF cycle, I want to try GCRM!

DH has said in the past he wants to go back to EFREC but I’m going to try and convince him the GCRM is worth trying… especially now they have a satelite clinic in Edinburgh and look how much better their results seem to be!

The comparison between both clinics are:

Live births per embryo transferred (2007)

Predicted chance of an average patient having a live birth:

                  EFREC                   17.8% – 33.0%
                  GCRM 18.5% – 45.6%

Live births per treatment cycle started (2007)

Predicted chance of an average patient having a live birth:

                  EFREC                   30.0% – 51.9%
                  GCRM 34.9% – 72.6%
EFREC and GCRM comparisons

EFREC and GCRM comparisons

After my scan appointment tomorrow morning I’m going to call EFREC and remove my name from the April IVF cycle… I’m still scared and worried but it will allow someone else the chance to take my place.