15 02 2010

I’ve had a strange weekend!

I started spotting on Saturday morning and it continued until last night. Thankfully when I checked this morning it had stopped and hasn’t started again.

As the clinic was shut over the weekend I called this morning and the nurse said it could be one of two things. On one hand it could be implantation spotting or it could be that my hormones took a dip when I was ovulating. Well you can imagine which one of the two I’m hanging on to!

On Saturday morning I felt shocked and stunned to see the blood. I’ve never ever spotted mid cycle so have been Googling all weekend. Of course my first thought was implantation spotting but I was only 3 DPO but I managed to find a few women who had implantation spotting at 3 DPO and were pregnant. Of course there were many many more who said it was far too early!!

My worry was that AF had started, making it the shortest cycle ever but thankfully it stopped.

I’ve still to go for the progesterone test on Wednesday morning but the only thing that will tell me is if I did actually ovulate.

The dreaded 2 week wait!!!!!!


Femoral Artery Massage

10 02 2010

I just came across this page on the web, Femoral Artery Massage, it’s something I’ve never heard of before in all the time I’ve been researching infertility.

Although my acupuncturist has definitely put pressure on this area but I just thought he was feeling for the pulse or something…I’ll ask him more next week.

I found it quite intersting and if I don’t get BFP this month it’s def something I’ll try next month… well it’s free and everything is worth trying is it not?!!

Clomid update

10 02 2010

I went for an internal scan on Monday morning as the nurse thought I’d OV on Sunday, turns out I didn’t. So was asked to go back again this morning.

Last Friday she said I had 2 dominant follicles but on Monday only one had continued to grow. The nurse was happier with this as she said there’s less chance of twins (I was kinda getting used to the idea too!!) and had said if there were 3 big follies that she’d recommend abstinence or using protection to save me getting pregnant. She said it’d be a shame if I got pregnant and then had a miscarriage which is likely with triplets. However…this isn’t something I need to worry about now!

I’m just happy that I am going to OV. I normally do anyway but it just seemed to be dragging out and I was starting to worry that Clomid would have some strange effect on me and I’d not OV or something. If there is nothing to worry about, I’ll find something! I’ve been taking OPK’s since over a week ago and I got a very very faint positive this morning. I don’t usually test in the morning as I’ve read that you OV in the afternoon but wanted to find out before my scan appt this morning. So I’ll test again tonight when I get in from work in the hope that it’ll be truly positive! :o)

So no more scans, I’ve to go back next week to get blood taken to test my progesterone levels. She said over 20 is good and under 20 is not good, she did call it something but I can’t remember.

My measurements for today were:

Lining = 9.7mm

Follicle = 19.1mm

My uterine lining only measured 9.0mm and one follicle measured at 21.0mm at the last scan I had before ER when going through IVF. So Clomid looks like it’s doing the job and isn’t that much different from the Gonal-f, although I did get more follicles with the Gonal-f. But still, I think it’s really good (give me a fortnight and we’ll see HOW good!!).

I really do think the acupuncture has helped too. I was there last night and Pascal told me that of all the 12 channels only my liver channel is difficient, it always is. But he said my kidney channel was looking good and this is the one which relates to the reproductive system. I’ve also read that acupuncture helps thicken the lining of the womb and helps reduce the side effects of Clomid, this is  the article I found: How Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) Enhances Fertility.

I’ve cancelled :-s

5 02 2010

I phoned EFREC this morning and cancelled my IVF cycle which was meant to start in March/April. The nurse has put me on the waiting list to call back in July when AF starts so IVF would be August.

I feel a bit strange… like I’m throwing away my chance to get pregnant but as I went for my TVUS this morning to check my follies since taking the Clomid, I do still have hope that I won’t need IVF.

The scan showed that I have 2 dominant follies, one measured 11mm and the other 13mm. There were other smaller ones but the nurse didn’t really mention them. She did tell me that she didn’t want me to have loads anyway… not sure why! I’ve to go back on Monday morning again as she reckons I’ll OV on Sunday.

I told DH we should BD every day until it’s been confirmed that I have OV’d. It wasn’t too big a fib… FF tells you this!! :o)

The administrator for GCRM Edinburgh clinic also emailed me to find out if I wanted to make an appt (I’d emailed previously to find out when their new satellite clinic would be opening).

I told her that I was on Clomid and wanted to see how that worked but if it didn’t work I’d def call for an appointment. She said the next available appt at Edinburgh is at the beginning of March so it looks like there’s a 3-4 week waiting list to meet with the RE.

Good to know for the future… but as always, here’s hoping it’s one appt I’ll not need to make!

Private v’s NHS

4 02 2010

I’ve been researching the IVF statistics of both the Edinburgh Fertility and Reproductive Endocrine Centre (EFREC) and the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine (GCRM) on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) website.

I’ve taken both statistcs and compared them side by side and it’s helped me make a decision about our next IVF cycle, I want to try GCRM!

DH has said in the past he wants to go back to EFREC but I’m going to try and convince him the GCRM is worth trying… especially now they have a satelite clinic in Edinburgh and look how much better their results seem to be!

The comparison between both clinics are:

Live births per embryo transferred (2007)

Predicted chance of an average patient having a live birth:

                  EFREC                   17.8% – 33.0%
                  GCRM 18.5% – 45.6%

Live births per treatment cycle started (2007)

Predicted chance of an average patient having a live birth:

                  EFREC                   30.0% – 51.9%
                  GCRM 34.9% – 72.6%
EFREC and GCRM comparisons

EFREC and GCRM comparisons

After my scan appointment tomorrow morning I’m going to call EFREC and remove my name from the April IVF cycle… I’m still scared and worried but it will allow someone else the chance to take my place.

I did okay…

4 02 2010

Sadly my BIL’s mother died a week ago and her funeral was a few days ago. You may remember me getting a call about her on the day I had my ER.

As my nephew won’t stay with anyone apart from his Mum (my sister) at the moment, I looked after him whilst the rest of the family went to the funeral service (in the hope he’d not get too upset). After the service there was a gathering for tea/sandwiches and I took my nephew along, it really helped my BIL I think.

However my pregnant cousin whom I wrote about at Christmas time (Is she?) was there and it was the first time since she’d told everyone she was pregnant that I’ve seen her.

After a while she came over to me and we talked about her pregnancy, she didn’t push it in my face in any way. It was other people around us who were asking her questions and slowly I was able to ask a few of my own, ie any morning sickness, cravings etc. And I was okay! I thought I’d burst into tears as soon as I saw her but I didn’t. I did have a lump in my throat but managed to ged rid of it with coffee and cake :o)

Then I saw her again last night, at her house. She took me to the side and said how unfair it was that she got pregnant after only 3 months. She told me she’d not really even had a proper period since stopping BCP’s and had no idea where her cycle was to even try and take OPK’s a pregnant friend had given her. To her surprise when her period didn’t come the 3rd month she did a HPT, again supplied by her friend, and it was positive.

I told her that I am so glad she didn’t have to go through any of the stuff I’ve been through and I truly mean it. IF is def something you’d not wish on anyone (well there might be one person but that’s another story!!).

To be honest I’m still in shock about her news… still after all these weeks, still after seeing her scan photo’s etc. I just can’t believe she’s pregnant, maybe when her bump starts to show reality will hit me. I can’t imagine her or her DH with a baby, their baby. Or my aunty and uncle with their very first grandchild, why???

Why is her pregnancy taking so long to sink in to my brain??

My Mum thinks it’s because we are so close… I’ll explain:

  • My Mum and my cousin’s Mum are sisters
  • My Dad and my cousin’s Dad are brothers
  • So 2 sisters married 2 brothers.

So I suppose she is like my sister but I can’t imagine I’d feel like this if my sister got pregnant again. I actually keep wondering when her and my BIL will plan their next kid, not with dread but with excitement… I am starting to get worried that I may need psychiatric help!! :o)

And in other news… I def feel like OV is imminent! I’ve got OV pains, my cerix is HOS and I’ve got fertile CM. I’ve got my scan appt tomorrow morning to see how my follies are doing and I’m even thinking about telling DH that I’ve been told we must have sex everday, without fail, for 7 days! I’m sure I’ll not be told this but I want to cover all bases.

Sometimes, no let me change that to all the time, I feel like the responsibility of timing sex and getting me pregnant is MY responsibility, just mine’s. DH doesn’t have a very high sex drive, although he’d say otherwise, but I wish he’d instigate things in that department more often in an attempt to get me pregnant. He’s told friends that he’s desperate to be a Dad again but I don’t feel like he’s putting in any of the leg work!!! He doesn’t ask if I’m OV, he never asks when AF is due, never asks anything about my cycle or our attempts to get pregnant, nothing! I feel quite jealous when I read other blogs and see other DH’s embarking on the journey with their wives/partners, when it does look like they are on a joint endeavour to have a baby!

However, I do love DH and know he’ll be a great Dad to any children we may have but I can feel a “talk” coming on!!!

Any and all suggestions on how to get him onboard are very welcome.

Last Clomid!

31 01 2010

So I’ve taken my five days worth of Clomid and I don’t know if I’ve had any side effects, which is good!

I say I don’t know because I’m still suffering the effects of last weekend and I’ve felt nauseous, I’ve been getting hot flashes and a bit of a sore head. But I would say I don’t feel like it was the Clomid, in that I don’t feel any worse than I had been feeling.

I’ve also felt the start of OV pains so I’m hoping when I go for the scan on Friday morning there will be one or two big follies!!! :o)