My journey…

I have been trying to conceive since October 2007 and we’ve been diagnosed with UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY.

March 2010:
04 March 2010BFP!!!

February 2010:
Attended the fertility clinic for TVUS to see if the Clomid was working, I OV on Wed 10 Feb 2010 at CD 16. The Clomid made me OV sooner than I normally would in a natural cycle.

January 2010:
Consultation with RE and prescribed 50mg Clomid for 5 days, starting CD2 which was 27 January 2010.

October 2009:
Underwent 1st IVF cycle… it failed!

September 2009:
Started my IVF treatment. See “Back on the Pill” post.

June 2009:
Appointment with Staff Nurse at Little France. Nurse explained the full IVF procedure to us again, took blood from us both to check for HIV and I was checked for Hepatitis (not sure which one) and Rubella (I think)! She also took my weight and height and gave me a number to phone once my period starts in September 2009. She also showed us the needle I’ll be injecting myself with, luckily needles aren’t a phobia of mines!

May 2009:
First appointment at Little France, met with a consultant who explained what IVF was and he told us the waiting list for IVF on the NHS is 3-4 years. He told us we had the option of self-funding and of course we jumped at the chance. So we got our names put on the schedule for an October 2009 IVF (although I’ll be back at the clinic in September).

April 2009:
Received an appointment letter from Consultant at Little France, very puzzled as was told he’d not get in touch until September. Although I think this is because I phoned and asked about going private. Apparently they don’t offer private IVF, they call it self-funding as it is an NHS hospital. So cancelled the Nuffield appointment as Little France is much easier for us to travel too, especially since hearing that I’ll need to go to the clinic 3 or 4 times a week for scans. These scans are given first thing in the morning so hoping I can beat rush hour traffic…something else to worry about!

March 2009:
As I changed doctors from one NHS area to another, was told Forth Valley NHS couldn’t help me with TTC. Was told by the Nurse at the Sub-fertility clinic in Falkirk that she was refering me to specialist at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Little France (NHS clinic) but would have to wait until at least August 2009 before he’d reply. Took matters in to my own hands and phoned private fertility clinics for prices and set up an appointment with Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow for end of April 2009.

February 2009:
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) at Stirling Royal Infirmary. It did hurt (no tears though) and it was a very strange feeling. The female consultant doing the procedure helpfully told me “this is nothing compared to child birth!”. Luckily though she was also able to tell me that both fallopian tubes were clear and looked perfectly normal.

September 2008:
First appointment at Sub-fertility clinic at Falkirk Royal. Was asked about cycles etc and was given an internal scan…wasn’t expecting that! Consultant and Nurse both happy with what they saw! They took blood to check my hormone levels. Hubby handed in a sperm sample. Results came back good, everthing looks normal.

Treated for abnormal cells (CIN2) following a routine cervical smear test. Part of my cervix was treated by laser but told it would not effect my fertility. All smears since have been clear, thank god!

Treated for chlamydia! Devastated as told if it goes untreated can lead to infertility. Although I wasn’t ready to have kids, I knew I wanted to have them in the future.


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20 12 2009

i just failed my first cycle too. bummer and i feel fat, can’t do another self-funded cycle, we’re broke. i need to just do something to lose some weight.
need some pick me up books, any ideas?

26 11 2009
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