I’m Pregnant!

5 03 2010

I honestly can’t believe I’ve just typed that, I don’t believe it!!

I keep thinking it must be happening to someone else, then I remind myself that it’s really happening… to ME… after 30 months… it’s actually my turn!!!

I got up yesterday morning as normal, fully expecting my period to have arrived through the night because I felt “wet” but it was no where to be seen. So I went about my normal morning routine, had my shower and left the bathroom with a handful of super size tampons to stock my handbag for the day. 

After I got dressed and was about to head out the house I phoned the nurse at the fertility clinic to tell her my period hadn’t arrived so far but would be there any minute. She asked me if I’d done another test, I told her no that the last one I’d taken was on Friday when I was 16 DPO and it was negative and I wasn’t doing any more because my period was just about to start.

She asked me to go and do another test and call her back. She said if it was negative she’d get me in and do a scan to see what was happening as she couldn’t understand why I’d not had a period or a positive test result. So I hung up feeling quite annoyed and almost phoned her back to tell her I’d done a test and it was negative without even doing one! I just thought it was a farce, my period was about to start and she was asking me to endure yet another slap in the face with a  BFN, I really wasn’t in the mood.

I decided against lying to a medical professional and relented and went to the bathroom to take another test. :o)

I was struggling to pee as I’d not long been but managed to squeeze out enough to dip in my internet cheapy! I actually threw the test in the tub and the pee went over the “max” line but I wasn’t caring, I thought it a pointless excercise.

After the required time I removed it from the pot (I say pot but it’s actually the lid from a can of hairspray) and threw the remainder of the pee down the loo.

Well you can imagine my surprise when I looked back around and saw 2 lines.

Positive internet cheapy!

I’d never ever seen that before and there was a slight delay as it registered. Once it did register I burst in to tears saying things like “Oh no, Oh no, Oh shit Oh shit, Oh my god Oh my god” repeatedly! I was in the house myself and I’m sure I might have handled it differently if DH had been there!

My first thoughts were that it hadn’t happened perfectly, I mean that I’d had nearly a bottle of wine only 6 days before and I’d been quite lax about taking my Pregnacare tablet as I thought my period was coming. I felt so guilty about both these things hence the “Oh no’s”!

If I hadn’t thrown my pee down the loo you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d have taken every test I had right there and then (which was 6 in total).

So after I’d managed to stop the tears I hesitantly called the nurse back. When I told her I’d just gotten a positive result she said “see I told you you could do it”! I told her that it really was quite a shock and she guessed that I’d only agreed to do the test to keep her happy :o)

She asked if it was a Clearblue test and I admitted that no it wasn’t, it was a cheap one I’d got from the internet. She said it didn’t matter but asked if it was only a faint positive. I said no, as I’m sure you can tell too, the second line isn’t as dark as the control line but it’s definitely there.

I asked about the really bad pains I’d been getting and she said unfortunately some women do have that. She said if they get more severe or if I bleed I’ve to call her straight away and she’ll get me in to do a scan.

However, since getting that positive result the pains haven’t been as bad. Don’t get me wrong they still come and go but they aren’t as frequent and are not as sore! I truly believe that because I was convinced my period was coming my body was reacting to that. And now that I am, dare I say it again…pregnant, my brain has switched gears and I even felt queasy this morning and I’ve been so hungry since supper time last night!! Now I didn’t feel like that 48 hours ago when I was pregnant and didn’t know about it!! The power of the mind :o)

Back to my story…

The nurse has booked me in for an internal scan on Tuesday 23 March when I’ll be 8 weeks, I’m shaking my head as I type this, this is usually something I’d say about someone else. So when I’m 8 weeks pregnant they should be able to see the heartbeat.. how cool is that!! :o)

I’m going to be someone’s Mum…eeeek!!!!

Bring it on I say, the time is right! :o)

Part 2 to follow soon ….




7 responses

7 08 2014

Congratulations! I hope you will get a little princess soon..Bravelle Cost

13 09 2010


I’m currently on day 20 of buserlin injections, trying for a second child. we have one son (two) from IVF. I’m having one of those days where the drugs are really making things feel a struggle and I stumbled across your blog while looking for something else and you’ve really really cheered me up. All the very very best for your big adventure. xx

13 09 2010

Hi, thanks very much! Hope you’re lucky with this round of IVF.

Take care Cxx

18 03 2010
Touch much time on my hands?? « A Pregnant Infertile

[…] clinic in the morning, and he asked me to call him once I’d spoken to the nurse. You know the nurse story, so I texted him to tell him I’d got a BFP, needless to say he was happy for […]

5 03 2010


I am thrilled for you, how wonderful. It seems that the universe did hear you, and that all the treatments you did, including acupuncture did the trick.

I have been waiting all night to get up and read this update as i had a very strong suspicion that all was going to be right in your world. The pains you described are common and over here is known, amongst my circle of friends anyway, as the nestling pain – where the little being is snuggling in and the womb is moving to accommodate. My interpretation anyway!

Don’t worry about the wine, these little embryos are built to withstand a lot in the early days – as not many mothers-to-be know they are pregnant in the early days.

Take good care of yourself, and wear your big smile with pride. Congrats to your DH as well, and i’m thrilled that you have the chance to share this magical time with your mum and sister.

i look forward to more updates, will be in touch.

you are one very clever mum to be. xx

6 03 2010

Thanks very much Jan, your comments really made me smile and feel better about the wine.

I really did believe that we’d be sharing the news about your daughter and maybe me in April, after her FET at the end of this month and my second attempt with the Clomid.

Still I’m holding out lots of hope for your daughter and would love to continue receiving updates from you about her.

Take care and thanks again, your commens do mean a lot to me.

5 03 2010

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The cheap tests are just as good as the expensive ones!

You might be interested in my blog if you want to know how your partner is feeling during your pregnancy!

All the best,


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