15 02 2010

I’ve had a strange weekend!

I started spotting on Saturday morning and it continued until last night. Thankfully when I checked this morning it had stopped and hasn’t started again.

As the clinic was shut over the weekend I called this morning and the nurse said it could be one of two things. On one hand it could be implantation spotting or it could be that my hormones took a dip when I was ovulating. Well you can imagine which one of the two I’m hanging on to!

On Saturday morning I felt shocked and stunned to see the blood. I’ve never ever spotted mid cycle so have been Googling all weekend. Of course my first thought was implantation spotting but I was only 3 DPO but I managed to find a few women who had implantation spotting at 3 DPO and were pregnant. Of course there were many many more who said it was far too early!!

My worry was that AF had started, making it the shortest cycle ever but thankfully it stopped.

I’ve still to go for the progesterone test on Wednesday morning but the only thing that will tell me is if I did actually ovulate.

The dreaded 2 week wait!!!!!!




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22 02 2010

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