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4 02 2010

I’ve been researching the IVF statistics of both the Edinburgh Fertility and Reproductive Endocrine Centre (EFREC) and the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine (GCRM) on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) website.

I’ve taken both statistcs and compared them side by side and it’s helped me make a decision about our next IVF cycle, I want to try GCRM!

DH has said in the past he wants to go back to EFREC but I’m going to try and convince him the GCRM is worth trying… especially now they have a satelite clinic in Edinburgh and look how much better their results seem to be!

The comparison between both clinics are:

Live births per embryo transferred (2007)

Predicted chance of an average patient having a live birth:

                  EFREC                   17.8% – 33.0%
                  GCRM 18.5% – 45.6%

Live births per treatment cycle started (2007)

Predicted chance of an average patient having a live birth:

                  EFREC                   30.0% – 51.9%
                  GCRM 34.9% – 72.6%
EFREC and GCRM comparisons

EFREC and GCRM comparisons

After my scan appointment tomorrow morning I’m going to call EFREC and remove my name from the April IVF cycle… I’m still scared and worried but it will allow someone else the chance to take my place.




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3 03 2010

Hi , how are you feeling?

Have been watching in anticipation of good news, i log on in the mornings to see how things are going. You would be asleep while i, in australia, am working, and i hope for good news each day.

I wait and watch for your next chapter, as i really felt that you posting such postive vibes that the universe would listen this time.

My daughter is preparing for her first implant at the end of the month, after her horrendous reaction last November this is the first time that the Dr has considered her well enough to try. She seems very positive and so does her specialist so here’s wishing and hoping and praying. No one tells you it’s so hard watching your daughter go thru this.

I will let you know what happens, just wanted to touch base and let you know that i have you constantly in my thought and sending good thoughts.


3 03 2010

Hi Jan

I was so touched by your email, thank you very much.

I’m so glad to hear your daughter is well on the mend and will get the chance to transfer her frozen embryo’s very soon. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for her, her husband and you.

I suppose I’ve not really considered how difficult it must be for loved ones to stand by helplessly and watch my infertility journey. I know I’d be devasted if it was my sister who had to go through what I’m going through and I’m glad it’s me and not her.

Is there anything you’d suggest to help me, help my Mum and sister? I do tell them everything and I do feel they are right there beside me but wonder if this makes it worse for them? I don’t know.

I called the hospital on Monday for the results of my 7 DPO blood test and the nurse said it looked really good and confirmed I did ovulate (which wasn’t such a surprise). I told her my period still hadn’t arrived and that all 3 pregnancy tests were negative. I’ve to call back tomorrow if I’ve still not got my period by then. Unfortunately I don’t know what she’ll suggest, just have to wait and see I suppose.

Thanks once again, I love hearing from you and hope we both have good news to share in the not to distant future.


8 02 2010

Hiya, just popped in to see how you are getting on. We are with GCRM in Glasgow although we live nr Aberdeen. I agree their success rates are much better than NHS run clinics in Scotland. 5 hour journey to there is not great but the staff there is absolutely fab and we are glad we chose to go with them. Unfortunately we just had BFN (also severe OHSS following EC! eek) with our 1st IVF but we will be doing FET with them next month. Good luck with this cycle hunni. XXX

10 02 2010

Hiya, thanks for stopping by! :o)

Sorry to hear about your BFN but you should hopeful for your FET and I’ll def keep my fingers crossed for you.

Good to hear what you think of the GCRM as I am more convinced than ever that I’ll give them a try if Clomid doesn’t work. My DH was worried about the travelling we’d need to do to get to GCRM and we’re only about 45 mins away, he’d have something to say if it was a 5 hours drive!!!

Thanks again and best wishes for your next cycle.

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