Let Clomid begin!

27 01 2010

As today is CD 2, I took my first 50mg Clomid pill.

The horrible thing is I’ve had gastroenteritis, I was really ill on Saturday night through to Sunday morning and I’m still not feeling great. As I’ve not actually been sick since Sunday morning I figured it’d be okay to start taking the Clomid…how could I not start taking it, I honestly couldn’t wait another month!

So I’m not feeling too great, got horrible AF cramps and I’ve started taking Clomid and I’m hoping if there are any side effects they’ll wait until the gastro sickness feelings pass, but to be honest if I do get side effects I’m willing to endure them…bring it on!! :o)

However… DH is now sick too! I’ve been trying to work out when we should start BD and I’m hoping by then DH will feel much better, how selfish of me?

According to what I’ve read, I’m likely to OV 5-9 days after taking my last Clomid pill. So that’s at least 10 days away, plenty of time for DH to get his appetite back :o)

Can’t wait to get this party started!!!!




2 responses

29 01 2010

Oh no – I hope you guys feel better soon!

31 01 2010

Thank you x

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