IVF risks

13 01 2010

I received the comment below and wanted to share it, I hope Jan and Steph don’t mind but I honestly didn’t think this was possible.

I, like all other IVF patients I’m sure are told about the risks to their health when going through IVF. But I just didn’t think anything bad would happen to me (luckily nothing did), all I kept thinking was “who cares, I’ll do anything to get pregnant” and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Well the truth is, sometimes things do go wrong and IVF isn’t plain sailing for us all and boy does it sounds very scary!!

This was written by Jan regarding her daughter Steph:

“…she had an extreme reaction to the hormones during the egg retrieval process, (November) and hyperstimulated to the point of being in a critical condition in acute care in hospital. They drained 2 litres of fluid from her abdomen and 1.5 litres from her lungs, she had compromised kidneys and was on high alert for heart failure. She looked 9 months pregnant, was on oxygen as lungs weren’t working enough to keep the oxygen levels in her blood stream up, and had to have 2 blood transfusions for the protein content to help her body. She was oozing fluid out of her legs, and from the puncture wounds in her body, and she gained weight (all fluid) going from 45 kilos to 61 kilos in 2 days. It was such a shock and she was sooooooo very sick, even the specialists where extremely concerned. By the 3rd day she had 3 specialists looking after her. But good news is she has rallied, and has 3 grade A embyros waiting on ice for her when she is fit and well enough to go ahead. “




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6 04 2010
Apologies « A Pregnant Infertile

[…] like to offer my condolences to Jan and her daughter Steph. Steph got a BFP after a recent FET (after a bad reaction to IVF drugs) but sadly miscarried over Easter. I know the complete devastation I feel every time I see blood so […]

13 01 2010

wow, that’s rough but i’m glad she’s doing ok. thanks for sharing that with us. why do you have to wait so long between cycles? is it that way for everyone?

13 01 2010

I’m not sure it is that way for everyone but I need to wait 6 months because I am on the NHS waiting list (even though I am paying for it) and the consultant told me that was the length of time I’d need to wait.

I’m sure if I was going private, as it is in America, I’d not have to wait so long between cycles and l’d have more say over it.

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