Cervical what?

8 01 2010

I was at the docs yesterday because I keep getting thrush and wanted it checked out.

Luckily my GP gave me an examination and didn’t just fob me off with pessaries because she told me I have cervical abrasions!! Apparently glands which should be on the inside of the cervix are on the outside, thus producing too much CM which is probably causing the discomfort!

She told me that it can be cautorised and it would heal and become normal again but said that if I am about to embark on IVF again that I shouldn’t bother. Apparently this is quite normal in women who have given birth vaginally. So there’s no point in doing this incase I do get pregnant because it’s likely I’d end up with this anyway… so I’ve jumped a stage basically :o)

I’m just peeved that after all the people who’ve looked at my “who ha” no one has ever noticed this!! And I can’t help wonder if this is stopping me from conceiving naturally. I asked the doc and she said no that it doesn’t affect your fertility but surely if it’s not meant to be like that then it MIGHT be a factor!

So that’s me! It’s not to get treated… seems kinda weird!




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13 01 2010

It’s Jan from Australia. I thought i’d let you know how my daughter got on with her first attempt, which was a very difficult time. Steph has not had the embyro transplant yet as she had an extreme reaction to the hormones during the egg retrieval process, (November) and hyperstimulated to the point of being in a critical condition in acute care in hospital. They drained 2 litres of fluid from her abdomen and 1.5 litres from her lungs, she had compromised kidneys and was on high alert for heart failure. She looked 9 months pregnant, was on oxygen as lungs weren’t working enough to keep the oxygen levels in her blood stream up, and had to have 2 blood transfusions for the protein content to help her body. She was oozing fluid out of her legs, and from the puncture wounds in her body, and she gained weight (all fluid) going from 45 kilos to 61 kilos in 2 days. It was such a shock and she was sooooooo very sick, even the specialists where extremely concerned. By the 3rd day she had 3 specialists looking after her. But good news is she has rallied, and has 3 grade A embyros waiting on ice for her when she is fit and well enough to go ahead. Her specialist will see her next month to discuss the next steps.

Needless to say, she is feeling very nervous about it all, and there are so many ifs from here on in. If they thaw OK, if i have another period (that hasn’t happened since Novmeber), if they take, if i can carry, if if if. A world that you know about.

So we try and stay positive, as do you all, and wait to see what happens. So far it’s been a very hard road, i can only wish her and you a special 2010.

looking forward to watching your progress, and please try and convert some of your anger to something positive – try channeling that eneregy into a physical activity – anger only damages your soul, and you need a happy soul for a happy life.

13 01 2010

Oh Jan, what a nightmare time you’ve all had. I hope Steph is feeling much better.

I suppose when we’re told the risks we really don’t believe them, we don’t fully appreciate how seriously wrong things can go. We’re just so focused on the potential to become parents.

I have been thinking about you and had thought about contacting you for an update so want to thank you for letting me know.

I hope things work out well for your daughter and I’m glad she has 3 grade A embryos, sounds like she’s earned them!

Keep me posted, I’ll be thinking of you both.

And thanks for your positive comments, I really do need to channel my energy. I’ve been thinking about that a lot too and hope to take up some kind of sport or martial art to help.

Take care Carole

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