6 12 2009

It feels like ages since I last updated, my apologies. I even feel like I’ve done myself no favours in getting those recurring thoughts “down on paper”.

Lots of things have been happening!!

I went to see my GP last Monday (30 Nov) to ask if I she could refer me to get further tests done following the unsuccessful IVF and unexplained infertility. Of all the GP’s in our practice I chose the only GP with DRCOG after her name. Apparently it means she’s got some “Obstetrics and Gynaecology” qualification so I thought she’d be able to answer lots of my questions… but of course I was wrong!

I told her that I’ve been charting my cycle for 24 months and it looks like my Luteal Phase is on the short side. She said that it wasn’t her area of expertise!! I asked if she could refer me to someone who would know and be able to do further tests and even said I’d be willing to pay for any tests. She said as I wasn’t at the top of the NHS list (forgot to mention I’m not eligible to even be on the list until July 2010) that she’ll see what tests we could get done on the NHS. She is going to write to the sub-fertility clinic I first went to and ask them if they’ll do more tests and if they’ll not entertain me, she’s going to write to the clinic where I got my IVF. To be honest I don’t even know what tests she’s going to ask them to do.

She told me that the Consultant at the RIE who gave me the post IVF consult had written to her and said he’d be willing to do a laparoscopy only if I experienced mid-cycle bleeding. I told the GP that this guy had said that he might get the incision in the wrong place, she said this is extremely unlikely as it doesn’t matter if there is endometriosis on the right or left ovary as they go in in the centre and are still able to see both ovaries! Who knows but this guy is meant to be the expert!!

So it’s back to a waiting game to see if someone will do some more tests. I just want as much as possible investigated before I embark on another IVF cycle. A girl I know has had 2 failed IVF attempts and now that she’s considering her 3rd the clinic offered to test the fluid in her fallopian tubes. Apparently if this fluid is toxic it can harm an embryo in the uterus. Why do they wait until you have been through the emotional and financial trauma of a failed cycle before doing these tests, why not do everything possible before the IVF to give women the best possible chance of the IVF working? Luckily her test results have came back clear.

Her clinic (Dundee) have also told her about a blood test they can do which will give an indication of which eggs to use for fertilisation. This has never been mentioned to me. She was told that Glasgow are the only clinic offering it just now but Dundee hope to be able to do it in the near future. I’m sure she said it was only a couple of hundred pounds extra. There is another test they can do on eggs but I’m sure this is a couple of thousand pounds (I read it in a newspaper a few months ago). Again, this hasn’t been offered either!

I’ve got more to post but need to go, family day out in Edinburgh to see the Christmas lights and German market! :o)




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