I’m wood!

13 11 2009

I had my second appointment with Pascal the acupuncturist on Tuesday night and boy did I learn a lot!

Before I tell you all about it, I think he looks a little like the Scottish actor Gray O’Brien :o)

Handsome or what?

It’s no real hardship!! :o)


Apparently in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) everyone has a constitution;  metal, wood, water, fire or earth. Pascal thinks I’m a wood person and having read more about it I tend to agree. I found this site quite good.

He also says my Liver Qi is stagnant/flat. He found this by only taking my pulse too! He said that at CD16 (which I was on Tues) it shouldn’t have been for that stage of my cycle. I’ve found this website which says the Liver Qi plays an important role in a womans menstrual cycle.

He also reckons my fertility problems are emotional ones. He couldn’t find anything that would suggest it’s an anatomical issue. Again I agree, that’s why I listened to hypnosis CD’s and under took EFT classes (which I’m thinking I’ll need to start doing again).

He said that if there are things that bother me or if someone annoys me I should let them know (in a non-confrontational way) as this will help me. He reckons me bottling things up are affecting my health.

When I came out I felt like a weight had been lifted, he seemed to know me. And best of all… he can FIX me (fingers crossed)!!

When I asked him how long I should see him, he said that he’d seen good results after 2 months. I thought asking him to sign a contract saying I’d be pregnant in 2 months might be going too far… tempting though!! :o)

Looking forward to my next appointment on the 18th.

PS I haven’t told DH any of this as he thinks I’m crazy as it is for even going to see an acupuncturist, so it’s our secret! ;o)




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