Access Diagnostics 10% Discount

12 11 2009

I received this discount offer because I’ve recently bought 40 OPK’s… yip 40!!! :o)

I so want to prove the Dr’s wrong and so far I am, I’m on CD 17 and have not OV’d yet according to the OPK’s! So there!! :-p 2 fingers up to them who say “of course you ovulate around CD 14” (hey, we’re not all the same you know!) :o)

Sorry I should have posted it sooner:

Use online coupon code AD10 before mid-night on Thursday 13 November 2009 to receive a 10% discount on our site shown below when spending over £5.00.

Coupon valid from now until mid-night on Thursday 13th November 2009. One coupon per order.

 To use coupon code enter the code exactly as it is typed above and then click update.




2 responses

12 11 2009

I know, the docs here are not interested in hearing about charting, BBT’s or OPK’s… it’s very frustrating!

Thanks very much, I’ve been following yours too. Glad you didn’t have to make that very difficult decision last week and things are going well.

If you start a new blog I’ll definitely tag along!! :o)

12 11 2009

Shocking that they would say that. All the books I’ve read talk about how you should NOT expect to be right at CD14! I have ov’d as early as CD8 and I have a friend who ov’s very late…CD20 or so. You tell em what you already know!
planet23 (luv ur blog)

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