CHAS and the pregnant lady!

9 11 2009

We were at a fundraising event on Saturday night for CHAS (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland) organised by my friend, for a little girl named Sara Penman (  Sara has a been diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome.

I am pleased to say they raised £20,000 so a big well done to all involved!

And of all the tables the only pregnant lady (well the only obviously pregnant lady) sat was beside us at the end of our table!! Was that just bad luck on our part? Is it a sign? Good/bad?? Who knows but my sister (who was with us) also commented on it!

CHAS night out

The way I looked at it, maybe she herself has gotten pregnant after many years of infertility, maybe she had only got pregnant after having gone through IVF? We’ll never know as we didn’t speak but ho hum, there goes someone else on the lucky train!

And as my sister said… at least you can get drunk… and that’s exactly what I did!! And had a thoroughly great night!! :o)

Obviously in the weeks leading up to the night out my friend was saying “oh you might not be able to drink that night, you could be pregnant!”. But again that’s another marker been and gone, it’s on to the next one…




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