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3 11 2009

I’ve a few things that keep bouncing about my head like a ball in one of those pinball arcade games.

In no particular order:

  • My step-daughter has just told me she’s not had a period in about 6 weeks but has taken a HPT and it was negative. However her doc has asked her to give a urine sample just incase!! Oh joy… I await with baited breathe to see if I’m going to be a granny before I’m even a mother!!!
  • My boss happily told me that his daughter only has 6 weeks til her due date (this man knows I’ve just been through a failed IVF cycle)!
  • A work colleague brought her daughter into my office, just to tell me they were off swimming and to tell me that she wasn’t doing so good with the potty training! Of course I smiled politely and thought WTF!!! (she also knows I’ve just been through a failed IVF cycle).
  • Should I wait until April next year and go with the same clinic again? Even though I feel as if the man in charge is only after my money?
  • What if I do go to another clinic in Scotland, will they release my medical notes so I won’t have to undergo all the routine infertility tests again?
  • I’ve been researching IVF clinics worldwide and came across this clinic in India Malpani Infertility Clinic. I was really interested to learn that they do IVF in 2 weeks, there is no use of the BCP or Lupron/Buserelin and they have a very low rate of OHSS… if only DH would fly!!!!
  • I’m seriously considering a clinic in Norway, the Klinikk Hausken as they offer IVF at the bargain basement price of £1,800. I’ll need to see if there is a ferry service!
  • The reason I’m more inclined to travel abroad is to make it more of a holiday, you know the way people have cosmetic surgery holidays to South Africa? The thought of being away from it all with nothing to do but relax is really appealing. Although the doc at my ET told me to act completely normal, I’m wondering if I did too much, ie act too normal? Of course I didn’t lift heavy things and sat down as often as I could but I also found myself doing housework… just because it needed done. But if I was away, staying in a hotel for a couple of weeks, just going for short walks, going out for dinner etc surely that would be beneficial?? Just need to convice DH now although the thought of saving more than half the money might swing in my favour!! Oh and there is no waiting list!! :o)
  • Upon my first visit to the docs, why was I told to come back once I’d been “actively trying” for one year?
  • Why when after one year of actively trying did another GP tell me that the fertility clinic wouldn’t see me until I had been trying for 2 years? And given the advice to go get drunk, enjoy myself as I didn’t realise how lucky I was not having kids to run after etc etc? (Said GP having had a bun in the oven at the time and a kid apparently running havoc at home. 1, 2, 3 awe what a shame!!! Aye right!!)
  • Why is it taking until July 2010 for me to be put on the NHS IVF waiting list? The list which is 3-4 years long and by the time I reach the front of the queue I’ll be 38-39 and too old for NHS funded treatment!
  • My Dad asked my nephew what he would like from Santa yesterday, to which my sister replied “A wee cousin”. My heart melted and it’s great to know my family is right behind me and seem to want me to have a baby as much as we do!
  • When I’m out shopping I seem to look at approaching women’s bellys just to see if they are pregnant, as if I’m saying “see there’s another one”!
  • Since I’ve been TTC I have kept a list of the people I know who have become pregnant, sad oh very sad I know! But the list now totals 17 different women. Some have had their first and are now pregnant with their 2nd. Two girls are pregnant with their 3rd (isn’t that just being greedy?? Only kidding, good luck to them).
  • Having gone to the soft play area with my nephew (to my sister) and my niece (to my sister-in-law) at the weekend I feel so grateful that they were fertile and have given me the chance to be an aunty… I love it!! Of course I’ve loved them since they were first born (maybe even before that), but spending quality time with them helped glue up a piece of my broken heart… thanks girls xx



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28 08 2014
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6 11 2009

We’re looking at the clinic in Norway as well. We did the Czech Republic this past summer and may go back but Norway would be a shorter timeframe We considered the clinic in India but getting there would be expensive.

7 11 2009

Thanks for your comments.

I’ve read your blog entries re your IVF in CZ and it doesn’t sound that different from what I went thru in Edinburgh. But I was wondering if you found there to be a language barrier?

Your experience has convinced me even more that it would be a good idea to go abroad and do IVF as I think it would be much more relaxing and could turn it into a holiday (just need to convince hubby now!).

Best of luck with your upcoming surgery.

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