Post mortem!

2 11 2009

I was back at the clinic this afternoon to meet with the consultant in charge to have some things answered following our failed IVF treatment.

To be honest I’ve gotten more info from the net than I did from this doctor!!

He says there is no reason why it didn’t work, the embryo was perfect, the lining of the uterus was a good size but “it’s just something that happens” … no shit einstein!!!!!

He then asked, what felt like straight away, if I was back on the waiting list for another IVF! I told him I wasn’t and that I wanted to know more before diving straight in and doing the same thing again only for the exact same outcome.

I had asked why AF came before the test date, again he said it’s just something that happens, he said they didn’t know why but it did.

I asked if my painful periods, heavy flow needed to be investigated as a cause to why IVF didn’t work (maybe an implantation issue), he said that because I don’t have any other symptoms ie bleeding mid cycle, pain after sex that it doesn’t sound like I have endometriosis or a polyp in my uterus so no.

He asked if I was insured through Bupa or another insurer and when I said I wasn’t and would be prepared to pay for any of the tests, he said that we should wait and see what my cycle’s are like over the next few months. If they are different than normal, ie mid cycle bleeding, short cycle etc that I should contact the clinic and let them know. To be honest I didn’t feel like he really meant it, he was saying it just to passify me.

Then he answered a call on his mobile phone… how rude???

When he did come back to me, I asked him what would be different the next time around. I said what about transferring 2 embryo’s the next time? He agreed and said they’d  probably best to do that! Surely it shouldn’t have been left to me to suggest stuff!!

He also said that I had a below average number of eggs from retrieval… this was a shock as no one had told me this before. He said that he’d expect between 8 and 10 eggs from someone my age. He said the next time they’d increase the dosage of the drugs and they might even change the brand, said it was like choosing between Diet Coke and Pepsi! Deep sigh…

I feel totally let down, that he was only interested in getting me back on the list to get more of my money!

So we’re back on the list and are scheduled for IVF #2 in April 2010. I’ve to phone back when my period comes in March :o(

Feel kinda empty, none of my questions have been answered.

UPDATE: Just remembered that I asked doc about my luteal phase being short. He firstly asked me how long my cycle normally is, I said usually it averages at 30 days. He says that my luteal phase is probably normal. I told him that I ovulate on CD 21, therefore my luteal phase is only 9 days sometimes. He says I probably don’t ovulate then, the only way to know for sure is blood tests and scans so it is probably normal, and told me the OPK’s aren’t any good!!! WTF.. I’ve also been charting for 2 years and my BBT shows this is the case but I thought there was no point in telling him as he’d just disregard it as rubbish, I mean who am I to know my own frigging body when I’ve microanalysed every frigging thing for over 2 years!!!!! Ooops, frigging twice in one sentence…didn’t realise I was that pi$$ed off but I guess I am!

Also doc said luteal phase defect (LPD) is so very rare that they’re not even considering it! Surely someone has to be the “rare” person, that might be me!!

I’d also like to find out if there are other clinics available that will do more fertility tests, not just the basic ones but the LPD, and another thing I’ve heard about from a fellow IVF’er who’s about to start her 4th treatment… fluid from the fallopian tubes which can damage an embryo in the uterus?? Why can’t they test for all these things instead of saying “come on down, leave your cash at the door, who cares, it might work this time!”





One response

3 11 2009


Really sorry to hear you had an unsatisfactory ‘post mortem’.

You might want to look into the GCRM clinic in Glasgow – they are supposed to be opening a satellite office in Edinburgh soon – as they may be able to help with other testing. Alternatively your GP may be able to do the blood tests for you to confirm when you are ovulating – mine did something like that in the early days of us TTC. (NB Our consultant also said that OPK’s weren’t a good idea as well but explained that it was because people tend to focus all their BD-ing around this time when it is best to do every 2-3 days after your AF finishes. Which was great as I had already shelled out £100 on a Clearblue fertility monitor by that time!)

I must admit I was rather p*ssed off with our consultant at Edinburgh when after the usual tests they told us rather matter of factly that yes we would need IVF, in fact ICSI and that as NHS waiting list was 3 years we would be best to self fund because otherwise I would be 3 years older when the treament started and that wouldn’t be good. Also failed to mention that even self funding we would have to wait 6 months to start – grrr!

There was just the assumption that we would self fund and would have the money to do so! I felt really annoyed as it had taken one year to get from the GP referring us to the clinic to going through all the tests and final appointment with the consultant to tell us we would be referred to the IVF clinic – that is one whole year we weren’t on the list and a year we could have spent saving for the treatment we had no idea we would have to pay for.

What doc did you see during your treatment? I would also be interested to know if you saw your consultant during the treatment cycle ie whilst stimming or at the EC or ET? We did not see ours when we went to first scan and mock ET – not that I would have wanted him in the room during that!

You may agree with my acupuncturist who reckons that they make quite a lot of money out of IVF so may lack motiviation to really explore reasons for failure!?

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