Hope doesn’t live here anymore…

26 10 2009

My period started this morning, along with the same old agonising cramps!!

I’ve been a mess at work this morning but now that I’ve resigned myself to the fact the IVF #1 hasn’t worked for us, I’m starting to not be as emotional.

I’m starting to think of what I can do differently for the next time, because there will be a next time (I’ll need to confirm this with DH but I def want another chance at this).

Of course I’ll still need to go to the hospital on Wednesday for the blood test and then have to phone them back to find out the negative result… just wish I didn’t have to go now.




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29 10 2009

I’m so sorry things didn’t work out this time. I’m praying that, if you definitely decide to give it another try, it will work out for you! I’ll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

30 10 2009

Thanks very much for your kind words, really appreciate it x

29 10 2009


You have a wonderful attitude and i’m sure, given time, you will pick up and keep going. I feel for you, but don’t lose heart as i’m sure there is a little angel waiting for you out there somewhere.

I have been following your story with interest as my daughter is just about to embark on her own IVF journey next week (PCOS and blocked tubes with Endo, husband a CF carrier – no chance of a natural!!). I have been telling her about your site, and how you have felt during each stage of your IVF. From a mother’s point of view, you have given me a great deal of insight that can only help me understand how my daughter is going to feel too. We live in Australia, and i haven’t been able to find anything quite like your site over here. So even though you are feeling low at the moment, just know that you are still helping others out there with your daily entries. I hope you continue on your jourany and with your internet site, i certainly would love follow your journey to fruition (as i’m positive will happen one day).

With regard to the suggestion of Acupuncture, i can only advise give it a go. I (and my daughter) have been great advocates for acupuncture over many years. My daughter has herself on a steady plan with her acupuncture, giving her every chance that the uterus will be plump and ready to receive, and help keep her stress levels down. Can’t hurt!, and maybe if yourt site is still alive at the end of December i may be able to let you know how things go.

Anyway, take care, look forward and give yourself time to grieve and then time to smile.

30 10 2009

Hi Jan

Thank you so much for you comments, I can’t express enough how very helpful your comments have been. It feels so good to know that someone is finding my babblings helpful.

I’ll still be around in December and I’d love to hear how your daughter gets on, please extend my best wishes to her and I hope the whole process runs smoothly for her.

I have tried acupuncture but I probably didn’t give it enough time, it’s definitely something I’m going to look at trying again.

Thanks again, it really meant so much. Carole x

28 10 2009


I am so sorry to hear your news – was just checking as thought you were due to know result today. Not even getting to testing day before AF arrives is one of my biggest fears.

You mentioned what you can do differently next time and not sure whether you have tried acupuncture? You might want to look at the Edinburgh Natural Fertility Clinic based at Napiers Herbalists in Stockbridge. I started going there a few weeks before starting IVF and they suggested we delayed the treatment for 3-6 months to allow them time to help us concieve naturally. I didn’t want to delay having psyched myself up for it but will consider this in the new year if we are unsuccessful this time – at least whilst we save for another cycle. They also have a nutrionist and other practioners not just acupuncture. http://www.edinburghfertilityclinic.co.uk/

I hope you still get your dream – after all there is no reason why not.
Take care

30 10 2009


Thanks very much for your comments.

I have tried acupuncture in the past but it’s something I’m going to start doing again.

Thanks for the link the Edinburgh Natural Fertility Clinic, I’ll def give them a look over.

Best of luck with your treatment.

27 10 2009

I’m so sorry, hun. While I’ve never done IVF (yet!), I know how it feels to see that first drop of blood and feel those first cramps. I wish I could just make it better for you. Hopefully, your next attempt will result in a nice sticky bean! Good luck!

28 10 2009


Thanks very much for your kind comments.

I hope all goes well with your adoption process.

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