I’m in the dreaded 2WW!!

22 10 2009

In the 2ww after IVF

So…  it’s been 5 full days since ET.

I’ve started charting again using Fertility Friend and it’s great to have my chart to complete every morning, it also helps keep me from getting bored whilst I lie and let the progesterone “sink” in (not that I’ve been told to do this, I’ve just decided it can’t do any harm!). I’ve to administer the progesterone gel every morning until I go for my blood test/pregnancy test at the clinic on the 28th (only 6 days away). I was told I was going to be given a pessary but my idea of a pessary is like the Canesten one you get for thrush, ie a tablet that you put up inside and it dissolves. Well the gel isn’t like that.

Here’s what I’ve been given: Crinone 8%

Progesterone gel

Progesterone gel

You twist off the circle at the end (shown at the far right on this picture) which opens the tube. You then insert the tube, then squeeze the square at the other end (shown at the far left on the picture) to force the liquid out.

As the day goes on it does feel like you’ve wet yourself slightly as this is the gel working it’s way out due to gravity!! At least it’s not a big injection in the butt!! :o)

My FF chart as of this morning looks like this:

FF Chart

FF Chart

So according to FF I’m 8DPO and I’m on CD 26. If this were a normal cycle I’d have definitely felt more cramps by now. I’m in no way ruling out that AF might still show up but I’m allowing myself to dream… is that stupid? You’d think by now that I’d be over that, that I’d learn to just wait until at least the day before AF shows before getting my hopes up. But that’s the rollercoaster which is TTC! I’ve already buckled and taken 2 PT’s, yip I POAS 2dp3dt, then again yesterday at 4dp3dt… I know I’m being stupid but again I live in hope! (PS I’ve not told DH about the POAS!!)

Usually a few days before AF shows up when I lie on my side in bed I can feel a stabbing pain, a sort of shifting of something, in my lower abdomen. I braced myself last night for it as I turned round to go to sleep and it didn’t happen… I know there are a few days yet and it might still happen but lets just say I went to sleep with a smile on my face last night!! :o)

A really good thing happened the other day, a lady who had her ER and ET on the same days, at the same clinic, who was in the same room as me for at least 4 hours has contacted me through this blog… I am soooo chuffed!! :o)

It’s true what they say, no one makes eye contact or speaks to you whilst you’re in the waiting room at a fertility clinic… and all I want to do is stand up and shout “My name is “Carole and I’m an Infertile, someone please speak to me”!!

Anyway, it’s great having someone to talk to who knows exactly how it feels to be another day closer to PT day without AF showing up! It’s so weird that we were in such close proximity and never met one another, thank you mister internet! :o)

There are a few other things that have been going round and round in my brain which I’ll post soon… hopefully once they are out and on this blog, they’ll not plague my thoughts!!

Happy ICLW everyone!




6 responses

28 10 2009


Thank you for the details on the progesterone gel – not sure I feel any better about it especially the comments about feeling like you have wet yourself. I though injections would be better then read somewhere else that those injections are horrible!

30 10 2009


The longer I was on the gel the less I felt like I’d wet myself :o) I don’t know if at first it was a combination of the gel and CM due to the drugs? At first I thought the gel was watery but it isn’t really, it’s more a creamy texture. Honestly I think they are alot less work than the injections, they do sound awful!

Best of luck with your cycle, how are you feeling, you doing okay about it all?


24 10 2009

I hope the 2ww goes by fast for you! Gotta love the progesterone don’t cha?!

You’re right about people not wanting to really make eye contact or talk to you in the waiting room. I have this fear that someone might recognize me from my blog or something. But I guess that wouldn’t be so bad. While the support from blogland is nice, it would be nicer to meet someone in ‘real’ life who is going through the same thing.

Good luck with your cycle!!

24 10 2009
Mrs. Gamgee

Best of luck with your cycle! I certainly hope you get a very definitive BFP very soon! It really is something when you get to meet someone who has walked or is walking this road irl. I love my bloggy friends, but I will admit that there are times that I need someone who understands and can give me a hug if I need it.


23 10 2009

Happy ICLW, and good luck!

22 10 2009

Very good idea to start charting again. Babydust***

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