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17 10 2009

I’m pregnant… well if the definition of pregnancy was “an embryo in the womb”, that’s what I am!! :o)

I had my ET this morning.

The embryologist told us that out of the 2 eggs which have fertilised, they were going to transfer the embryo that was at the 7 cell stage. She said they’be been graded too (from 1 to 5, 1 being the best) and the 7 cell stage embryo was grading at the top end of 2! She said they rarely saw grade 1 embryos. The other embryo was an 8 cell embryo but was of poor quality, hence the reason the 7 cell stage embryo was being used.

She also said the embryo they transferred was starting to show signs of compacting(?) whatever this is she said was a good sign (I shall ask Dr Google about that one).

The transfer was no where near as painful as the mock transfer. It was a different doctor so I’m wondering if that made a difference, mind you the day of the mock transfer I was on my period so that’s maybe why it was so sore. I’m glad it wasn’t sore as I wanted it to be as positive an experience as possible! Hard I know nothing would compare to BD with DH in our marital bed!!

I had to have a full bladder as this helps with the ultrasound apparently. It’s not that pleasant to have a speculum up inside your hoo ha and a probe pressed on your bladder… I so didn’t want to be the first person to pee on the docs hands!!

Anyway… the nurse said it was a good picture and then the doc called the embryologist (Louise) through with the embryo loaded catheter. It wasn’t sore and I could only tell it’s position by looking at the monitor positioned above my head. Once the doc was in the right place he “emptied” the catheter. I saw a bright spot and the nurse told me this was the fluid around the embryo… she even gave us a print out.


It’s not the best but it’s great to have a photo and the on-screen image was much clearer. I had previously asked about getting a photo of the embryo’s but the clinic doesn’t have a printer connected to the microscope apparently, disappointing but that’s life!

Meant to say DH was sat beside my head the full time and appeared dumb founded! He had to put scrubs and clogs on too which made me smile! The nurse handed him the print out of the scan photo which I thought was nice. When we were back in the ward he said whilst pointing at the photo “That’s my boy!” :0) Well here’s hoping it is sweetheart!!!

I started taking the projesterone gel yesterday morning and I’ve to continue taking it every day until the PT. At first I didn’t want to take the gel because it’s administered vaginally and I have recurrent bouts of thrush and I don’t want it to coz me to get it more often (day 2 and it’s looking good so far… of course it’s too early but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that too). I’ve also read on other blogs that the PIO are quite sore so looks like I’ve got the long end of the stick for a change!




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21 10 2009

Wishing you the best. Sounds like a great transfer!

22 10 2009

Thanks very much!

Best of luck with your treatment, sounds like things are going to plan! :o)

Shame about those bruises…ouch!!! I thought mine’s were bad, I only had tiny wee ones compared to yours!

Happy ICLW

21 10 2009


Just found your blog and cant believe you are at same clinic but one month ahead. I have your posts so helpful and informative.

I started DR injections yesterday. I went in for scan and dummy ET yesterday and they started me on the the DR there and then which was great. I didn’t go on the BCP beforehand. Was terrified about the dummy ET but they gave me gas which although it didnt feel like it was doing anything must have helped as I was much more relaxed. Am actually looking forward to the real ET now as it must be amazing to be doing it for real!

What is the gel – is that an alternative to pessaries?

22 10 2009


Thanks very much for your kind words (this is the whole reason why I’ve created this blog).

I thought I was getting pessaries but it’s not what I had expected. The gel is in liquid form and therefore not a tablet that you’d insert and expect to disintegrate. I’ve posted some info about it on my blog due to your question.

Can I ask what DR injections are? I’ve never heard of those? Is it the same as Buserelin?

Bummed to know you got gas…I went cold turkey, they never even offered me any!! :o)

I found ET a breeze, the only difference is your in more of a surgical type room and unfortunately there’s stirrups involved! :o)

Take care Cxx

28 10 2009

Hi – sorry for late reply was just catching up…..

Sorry the DR meant down regulating – I am on the same burselin injections as you. In fact it was when I googling suprecur that I found your blog!

I got gas because I was really really terrified about the ET due to hideous painful smear test experiences! They had to do my HSG test under general earlier this year. Thankfully the gas did help and I am feeling better about the real thing! Will be making sure I get gas again though – it amy have just been the act of breathing that helped as opposed to the gas though!!

21 10 2009

WOW! Congratulations on what sounds like a great ET! Sending you lots of luck and love for a positive beta! Here is to hoping that the next 7 days go by quickly!


20 10 2009
Mrs C

I can’t believe that I was in for my ER and ET on the same days at the ERI too! I was at 12noon for ER on Weds. 14.10, and then 11.30 for ET on Saturday!! Spooky or what? We only had 1 (almost Grade 1!) egg put back as well, and I think I might not have been as composed as you while they did it – I was shaking like a leaf! The time on your pic was 10.51, ours was 11.51…! My husband and I are amazed.
How are you feeling? I just don’t know how I’m going to get to the 28th in one piece. I woke up this morning and just cried for no reason, other than I’m dreading next week, in case it’s a no.
Is it your first time? It’s ours, and I’ve got to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – up to the 2ww of course.
Anyway, would love to hear how you’re getting on, it’s good to know that someone else is going through the same thing. Otherwise good luck on the 28th.

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