ER day!

14 10 2009

I had my egg retreival today and it went as good as planned.

As I type this, they’ve got 6 of my eggs in a petri-dish trying to be fertilised by DH’s swimmers! I occassionally send out positive vibes to “my girls” to ask them to let the swimmers in… yip, I’m losing my mind!!

We were the first ones at the clinic this morning, 7.50am! The thing is, my op wasn’t scheduled until 11.00am but we had to be there for 8.00am. There were 6 women in total getting eggs retrieved today and I was in 4th. The clinic doesn’t have private individual rooms so we were all in together.

You know it never ceases to amaze me that nurses/docs don’t realise that the curtain they put around your bed does not make their conversations private!!

As the nurses attended each of the 3 women before me I knew what to expect when they’d eventually visit me. I heard the nurses, then the anesthetist, then the consultant ask each of the women questions… I know we were all going thru the same thing but some privacy would have been a bonus!

DH was surprised we were in a “ward” with others considering we were going private, but hey ho, I was just glad we’d reached ER day with no glitches!

I came round back in the ward with AF cramps and the urge to pee! That was fun… trying to get pj bottoms back on whilst lying down and trying to hide my bits from the nurse. DH manged to pull out the bed pad I was lying on from out of the back if my trousers before I left the “cubicle”! That would have been embarassing… walking across the ward with a bloody bed pad hanging out from my breeks! :)

I had to stay in the hospital until 2.30pm and I had to have toast before I left… that was the best toast I’ve ever had!

So upon leaving the hospital I turned on my phone to find I had a voicemail from the hospice where my brother-in-laws mother is currently staying. My B-I-L is away on holiday with my sister and parents at the moment and I’m the primary contact whilst he’s out the country (his parents separated over 20 years ago).

I wasn’t feeling the steadiest on my feet to start with but thought I was going to faint upon listening to the message… they needed me to get to the hospice as she’d taken ill!!! How was I going to manage that was all I kept thinking, how could I shake off the dizziness and “cloudy” feeling to be able to deal with this?!

Luckily she pulled thru and I didn’t need to visit so I came home and slept for 4 hours!

But would you credit it… when I switched my phone back on it was the hospice again! They asked me to call my B-I-L as his Mum needed to be taken to hospital but she was refusing to go. So I called him and told him the situation and I’ve not heard anymore and I’m assuming no news is good news.

Phew… I so didn’t need this today!

Anyway, I’ve to call back after 11 2moro morning to find out how things have gone over night. To find out if any eggs have been fertilised and whether my ET will be Friday or Saturday.

I was also told that I’ve to go back on the 28th for a blood test for a pregnancy test :o)

I also asked the doc what would happen if there wasn’t a good quality embryo, he says that they will transfer 2 if this is the case.

When sleeping this afternoon at home I dreamt I had 2 embryo’s transferred and I remember feeling very excited about it!!!

Have I made a mistake only wanting 1 embryo transferred…




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