To trigger…

13 10 2009

Things went okay today at my 4th follicle check, I got the news I’ve been waiting for…I can trigger tonight!! :o)

So at midnight tonight I’ve to take my last injection (hopefully the last ever IVF related injection of my life) as my ER will be done on Wednesday (14th October, my Dad’s 60th birthday) at 11.00am. So my ER will be 35 hours after the hCG shot, I’ve read that others are usually 36 hours later.

I got my pre-filled syringe and needle on Friday morning and it’s been in the fridge…staring back at me, ever since! There’s an air bubble in the syringe which is meant to be there (so the nurse told me). I phoned the clinic this afternoon just to make sure what I was to do with the air bubble, ie inject it or make sure I get rid of it. The nurse says I can either leave it and inject the air or I can try and get rid of the air…I think I’ll try for the latter, it just doesn’t seem right.

I had a different doctor do my TVUS this morning and when I started to hear the follicle sizes I just turned off… I did wonder if this doc was doing something different from the previous doc. My follicle sizes weren’t good! I do remember hearing that I had one at 21.5mm but lots more about 6mm. I did use my iPhone again but when I went to listen to the recording afterwards I have found that it recorded 0 seconds!! I’m gutted, I relied on it and I was in there myself today so I’ve no one’s brain to pick!

The doc did also say that my uterine lining is “text book” but it’s only 9mm, I’m sure I’ve read other bloggers say there’s have been in the double figures… again this is only something I can shrug off and assume they know best!

Afterwards the nurse told me that I was to trigger tonight depending on my blood test result, ie only if my estrogen levels were high enough. She also told me that 5 or 6 follicles are stretching out in front and the others are lagging behind. She did say that all follicles will be drained and they are hoping they can get some eggs… truth be told I only need 1 egg, 1 egg that will be good enough to be put in a petri-dish along with DH’s swimmers!

As I was in with the nurse by myself I asked her about their procedures to ensure I’ll not receive another couples embryo’s. She told me that 2 people have to check everthing in the lab and they have an A4 sheet with lots and lots of checks they’ve got to do. She also said they only have one couples embryo’s on the table at any one time… feel much better!!

What about this for a bad sign… I was working late in the office tonight by myself, trying to get everything finished because I’ll not be in work the rest of this week, and a single Magpie knocked at the window. My office is on the 3rd floor and there’s a tiny window-sill… I got the fright of my life as I sit with my back to the window!! What’s the saying “One for sorrow, two for joy…” :o(

Update: I’ve just taken my hCG shot… so much for getting rid of the air bubble, when I pushed plunger down some of the liquid came out. I was scared to lose any so just went with it…air bubble and all.

Ovitrelle (hCG shot)

Ovitrelle (hCG shot)

Looking forward to tomorrow… and getting up whenever I feel like it… I don’t need to get up early and do any injections :o)




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2 11 2011
Kirsty Hutton

I’ve recently taken ovitrelle and am now waiting on either a period or a pregnancy. Its not an easy thing to wait for !!!

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