3rd follicle check

10 10 2009

So my last appt at the clinic went well… I was a bit up and down though!

The doc doing the TVUS said that my follies are coming on good and that I’m responding well to the stims.

As I had my iPhone memo recorder on, I was able to record each of the measurements she gave (I’ve put them beside my last figures but obviously they may not correspond):

Uterine Lining

07 Sept
05 Oct 09 Oct
2.0/2.5mm 5.0mm 8.7mm

Follicle Sizes

Right Hand Side Left Hand Side
05 Oct 09 Oct 05 Oct 09 Oct
8.7mm 13.5mm 10.5mm 14.2mm
8.5mm 12.5mm 9.7mm 12.8mm
8.0mm 12.4mm 9.1mm 12.5mm
7.8mm 12.2mm 9.0mm 11.2mm
7.3mm 11.2mm 8.5mm 11.0mm
6.3mm 11.2mm 8.3mm 10.7mm
10.0mm 8.0mm 8.6mm
9.0mm 8.0mm 8.1mm
8.8mm 7.0mm 8.0mm
8.0mm 6.5mm 7.4mm
8.0mm 6.0mm

The doc doing the TVUS said I should go back on Monday for another scan. I must admit I was disappointed when I heard this as I’d convinced myself that ER would be Monday.

So I went with DH in to another room to wait on blood getting taken. The nurse came in and told me it was all change…

I wouldn’t need to go back on Monday as ER was Tuesday morning!! She gave me the instructions for my hCG shot and told me to be back at the clinic for 8.00am on Tuesday morning as I’d been scheduled for ER at 10.00am.

My Gonal-f was also increased from 150iu per day to 225iu. Because I’d already taken my shot before going to the clinic I had to get a 75iu top-up. Because this was a single shot (I usually use the pre-filled pen) it had to be made-up ie there was a vial with powder and another with water and they had to be mixed then drawn in to the syringe and then injected. This one hurt… like the first Gonal-f I did at the clinic, I wonder why??

Then the nurse tried to take blood as they need to check the hormone levels as well as doing the scan. She did say that depending on my blood results ER may be delayed until Wednesday.

The nurse couldn’t get blood out of either of my arms so went away and got another nurse to take blood, luckily the other nurse managed fine but I’m a bit bruised today… I mean I had a total of 6 jabs yesterday!!

When the nurse left DH was sniggering at all the jags, I retorted… “yeah it must be great, all you have to endure is wanking in a cup!” :o)

So we left the clinic and I felt like I was on cloud 9, ER was 4 days away and I was doing my hCG shot on Sunday night…yeah no more injections after Sunday!!

That was until I phoned for my blood results…

We were back to plan A, no ER on Tuesday! I’ve to go back for another TVUS and blood test on Monday morning. The nurse on the phone said ER would be Wednesday instead. I know, I know it’s only 1 day of a delay but I did feel disappointed. And if I’m honest it put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

I’m also still worried about OHSS. They’ve up’d my dose of Gonal-f and the nurse who successfully took blood showed me the chart which detailed all my follicle sizes. She said follicles usually grow at 2mm per day and so come Tuesday mine’s would be a good size and she did say “because you are responding so well, we’re worried about OHSS”!!!!

So… my last injection should be Monday night and I can’t say I’ll be sad to see them finish, they are starting to become a drag now!

I am looking forward to ER, it’ll be on my Dad’s 60th birthday and I’m hoping this is a good omen… what is it they say about looking for signs???

I’ve got a confession, a daft one, but a confession…well maybe 2 today!

I bought lovely nightwear a few months ago and have kept them hidden away from DH as they’re my “when I am in hospital after having my baby hospital clothes” :o) But it turns out I’ll get to wear them early. I’ve to take pj’s to the hospital on Wed for ER, I honestly didn’t expect that, I just thought I’d get a hospital gown or something and it made me realise how much of an “operation” ER will be.

The 2nd confession… I’ve been helping my uncle with redecorating my house (I’m his unpaid labourer) and when rejigging my kitchen cupboards I thought, “I’ll put the cups here (above the kettle) so it’ll be easier for my Mum/Sister/Mother-In-Law to find the cups when I get out the hospital with my baby and the house is full of visitors and they need to make tea for everyone”!!!! There I actually admitted that thought… it does sound daft out of my head but I have had a lot of daft thoughts lately! :o)

IF will do that to you you know :o)

So Monday morning back at the clinic for the “dildo cam” again as a fellow blogger affectionately calls it…oh joy! :o)




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