8 10 2009

I’m startig to worry now!

I’m back at the clinic tomorrow for my 2nd follicle scan and now I’m worried that I’ll have produced too many…if not producing enough wasn’t enough of a worry in the beginning!

I do have OV pain but nothing sorer than I used to get when I was TTC au naturale!

I’ve been looking up the symptoms of OHSS (courtesy of Dr Google) and the only thing I have is a mild thirst. I have no vomiting, nausea, abdominal swelling or bloating. I have felt more tired in the afternoons the past few days but that isn’t listed as a symptom!

Deary dear… there is always something to worry about when TTC isn’t there!!!

It would be good if the clinic, when dispensing the drugs etc, also gave a device which switched off the “worry” thoughts! :o)

We can but dream….




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