How amazing!!

6 10 2009

I can’t believe I have never even thought of searching for IVF info on YouTube. I’ve Googled as much as I possibly can but to look at video’s never even occurred to me (it wasn’t until I read on a fellow IVF’ers blog that she’d done it that I thought “oh there’s something I haven’t tried”).

I found this video from a clinic in New York, it shows you what goes on in the lab:

I was so amazed… and so glad they can do all this. Of course there are many others but this one blew me away!

One thought I’ve been having as I’m due to go for ER and ET next week (probably) is “what if they drop the embryo?” “what if it falls out of the catheter before they can get it inside me?” “what if they drop it on the floor and someone stands on it?” Eeek! But I could at least see from the video clip the instruments they use and it appears that “dropping embryos” is unlikely!! :o)

Although this isn’t the clinic who will be performing my IVF, it has at least given me an insight as to what goes on. I’ve always felt that I’m kept in the dark slightly and it’s just rude to even ask questions of these highly skilled people… but I want to know as much as I possibly can!!

The internet to the rescue again! :o)




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