It’s on to stims…yeeha!

1 10 2009

I was back at the clinic this morning for a TVUS to check the Buserelin has been doing it’s job and turning off my ovaries and to find out if I’d developed any ovarian cysts.

I’m so happy to report that the lining of my uterus is thin (which is what the doc wanted) and my ovaries are quiet and there were no cysts :o)

The doc counted 9 follicles on the left and 4 on the right. I asked the nurse afterwards if this was good or bad and she says it’s common that people have this difference between sides. She also said anything over 3 is considered good!!

So onto the stims…

I’ve been put on Gonal-f (150iu) starting today until I go back on Monday morning for another TVUS and blood tests.

This time the meds aren’t in syringe form, it’s a kind of pen. I’ll take a photo tonight and post it 2moro.

Basically the pen holds 900iu and each day as I use it, it goes down and the pen eventually empties. There is still a needle which is to be added every day, I think it is smaller than the one I use for the Buserelin which is a bonus. These meds are to be kept in the fridge so must remember to take it out 5 mins before using it as I’ve read that it doesn’t sting so much if it’s left to rise to room temperature.

I took my dosage this morning under the watchful eye of the nurse and these meds sting! It’s like a burning sensation after you take the needle out but it doesn’t last too long (thankfully).

So everyday, in the morning, I’ve to take 150ml of Buserelin and 150iu of Gonal-f until the 5th of October when they’ll be able to tell me if the dosage is to be altered.

I was so excited to hear that I was getting to start stims today, I was worried I’d have developed cysts or something and they’d cancel the cycle. Luckily all is fine… also DH came with me today and it was good to have him with me.

Looking forward to Monday already!! :o)




2 responses

1 10 2009

This is very exciting! Sounds like your ovaries are doing really well! I’m wondering…are you in the US? Your drugs are different from the ones they gave the women at our clinic. They had 3 protocols, and none used your particular drugs, although I am sure they are all similar. Sorry the Gonal F stings…ick. Best wishes with retrieval!!

1 10 2009

No I live in the UK (Scotland) and I have noticed I’m on different protocols from others in the US. Like you say I’m sure they’re all much the same. I’ve also read that some people are given Valium for egg transfer, they don’t offer that here. Did you get Valium, just wondering as your IVF worked (congrats again)!!!

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