It wasn’t AF!

26 09 2009

After posting yesterday that I thought AF had arrived, nothing else happened!

I had that spotting in the morning but I’ve had nothing since, so looks like it wasn’t AF starting…yeeha!! :o)

So…second day of injections…

It actually went so much better today, so good in fact that I didn’t realise I had injected all the Buserelin and that I had finished. I was in the kitchen by myself and doing my injection when I noticed that I couldn’t get the plunger of the syringe to go all the way down…to where I thought it should be. So I walked from the kitchen through to the bedoom, where DH was, with the syringe hanging out of my belly saying “help, you’ll need to help me”!

I asked DH to help with the plunger as I couldn’t move it any more…I wasn’t sure what I thought I’d done. He tried to move the plunger on the syringe too but couldn’t budge it either…no wonder, there was no more liquid in the syringe, I’d emptied it without noticing!! It went really easy and quickly compared to yesterday…hopefully it’ll be that easy from now on!

I also noticed that the  injection “site” feels a bit like a bruise, probably due to my denims rubbing against it, but I never noticed anything like this after yesterday’s jag . I also thought I could feel a small lump of liquid under my skin today.

Luckily I’m experiencing no side effects yet…long may it continue!




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