Last Pill

24 09 2009

I took my last BCP this morning and felt quite exited! This means my Buserelin injections start 2moro and means I’m that one step closer to a BFP!!

DH is hoping I won’t be able to inject myself, so he can do it … should I be worried?!? :o)

Until 2moro…




6 responses

25 09 2009

Good luck!!


26 09 2009

Hi April, thanks for commenting on my blog.

Best of luck on your TTC journey.

Happy ICLW x

25 09 2009

have fun poking yourself!! you can do it all by yourself!!


25 09 2009

Thanks! :o) I did manage it myself, DH a little miffed he didn’t get to “stab” me LOL

Happy ICLW x

25 09 2009
FET Accompli

Hoping for a BFP!!

Happy ICLW :-)

25 09 2009

Thanks very much, congratulations on your news.

Only 77 days to go, you must be really excited!!

Happy ICLW x

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