Just popped into my head!

23 09 2009

I’ve just been in a meeting, one which takes place every 6 weeks, and the thought occurred to me that the next time I’m in that meeting, I might be pregnant!!!

I should know if IVF has worked by the end of October and our next meeting is on 04 November. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it!! :o)

I suppose it’s a bit like… next Christmas I’ll be pregnant or I might be pregnant on my next birthday.

Once again it’s my brain choosing inopportune moments to spring things on me!!




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24 09 2009

Best of luck! I hope you find you are pregnant by the time the next meeting comes around. I think we all have a tendency to think that way – what will be the first “big” holiday/event after I find out I’m pg? Hope the meeting will be it for you!

24 09 2009

Hi Lynn

Thanks very much for your comments.

I hope your DH hears good news re his job interview soon.

Take care Cxx

______________ Carole Stevenson

24 09 2009
Lisa RM

Positive thoughts for you!

24 09 2009

Thanks, appreciate it!

______________ Carole Stevenson

24 09 2009
Circus Princess

I do the same thing all the time and I haven’t even started my first IVF yet :-)
How come you changed to wordpress?

Best of luck and happy ICLW!

24 09 2009

Hi, thanks very much for commenting on my blog.

I changed to WordPress only because I was struggling to create a menu at the top of my blog with links to other pages. A work colleague told me how easy wordpress allows this so I moved over and now I’m a great fan (it doesn’t have a followers gadget though that’s the only thing).

Good luck with your upcoming cycle, will follow your blog to see how you get on.

Happy ICLW x

______________ Carole Stevenson

23 09 2009

I hope you do get pregnant by time that next meeting rolls around! Isn’t it funny how at random times we think about the most random things? Good Luck!


24 09 2009

Thanks very much for your kind wishes and for commenting on my blog.

Best wishes to you both as you wait out the 2WW. Fingers crossed you get a BFP real soon.

Cxx ______________ Carole Stevenson

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