To Diet or Not To Diet…

21 09 2009

My DH and I were going food shopping last night when I told him we’d need to buy food for my “one week booster diet”. He looked at me like I was mad! :o)

I told him about other IVF’ers who felt bloated once they started the injections etc and his opinion was “why try and lose weight for one week when if all goes well you will be really “bloated” come 9 months time”!! :o)

It really did make me smile as him just talking about me being pregnant gives me so much hope!

So looks like there will be no “strict” diet for a week, back to healthy eating which I’ve always known was the best thing to do but I do have these occassional moments of insanity.

But like I said to DH, when I do fall pregnant I want to look pregnant and not fat!! There’s another thing I’m worrying about and I’m no where near this point…if only I could turn my brain off sometimes!! :o)




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23 09 2009

Wishing you the very best of luck with your IVF journey. I hope you have your baby in hand soon.


22 09 2009

well, there are some things you might have bought at the market for when you are doing stims! because you are young and already have 8 antral follies, you might want to be prepared to ward off the symptoms of OHSS!!

salt! if you start to become bloated, you really want to up your salt intake. this sounds backwards, but for OHSS, its NOT! (google!)

best of luck to you on your IVF ride! its a doosey (like you said, bcp? for GETTING pg?)!!


23 09 2009


Thanks very much for commenting on my blog.

Didn’t know about salt and OHSS, will definitely keep this in mind.

Thanks again Cxx

22 09 2009

Yeah, I wish my brain would turn off too. It’s hard to keep obsessing about little details. Good luck on your cycle! I hope you get a BFP soon.

Have a great week.


21 09 2009

Ugh… I soooo wish I could turn my brain off, too! Sometimes I think that’s half of our problem (us gals with IF).

Best of luck to you!!! And happy ICLW!

22 09 2009

I know, I definitely think it’s alot to do with my IF problem as they say nothing physical is wrong. Oh how the mind can be a dangerous tool :o)

Thanks for your comment, Happy ICLW!

21 09 2009
Low Fat Lady

LOL It can be so hard to turn off your brain at times. Welcome to wordpress btw. :)


23 09 2009

Thanks very much.

Happy ICLW!

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