My little bag of drugs!

16 09 2009

Here is the little case of drugs I got to take home when I was last at the clinic:

Case containing drugs etc.

Case containing drugs etc.

These are the contents of the case:

Case contents

Case contents

  • Sharps box
  • 2 x 5.5ml vials of Suprecur 1mg/ml Injection Buserelin acetate
  • 19 x syringes
  • 19 x big needles
  • 19 x small needles
  • loads of alcohol swabs

The vial of Buserelin doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge once it’s opened which I was a wee bit surprised about. Also the one vial is used many many times, it’s got a rubber film over it like a lid and you just put the needle through it to draw the liquid out.

The BIG needles are used to draw the liquid from the vial in to the syringe…thank God, I nearly died when I saw it for the first time, thought I was going to have to inject myself with it!

The smaller needles are used to inject the Buserelin subcutaneously (ie in the thigh or in the fat surrounding my belly… I won’t run out of places to prick in this area that’s for sure!).

I do plan on injecting myself but asked DH if he would have a problem doing it if I couldn’t… I should be worried, he seemed overly keen to get the chance to  stab me!! :-)

Bring it on… can’t wait to get started with this next phase!

There always seems to be something to wait on… I feel like I’m wishing my life away one  small IVF day at a time!

Come injection day I’ll take more photo’s to let you see what it all looks like out of the wrappers!




One response

4 11 2009
Tara Elocin

I did the same – asked my husband to be there if I can’t do it. I only had 2 injections so far and seem to be okay. But it’s good to have him near. It gives me comfort.

I also was shocked when I received my parcel of drugs!!!

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