BMI, weightloss and IVF!

15 09 2009

I can’t seem to stop thinking about how much weight I’ve put on since coming back from holiday in August and what effect it’ll have on my IVF cycle being successful.

I had hoped to be 8st 7lbs before my first clinic appointment on the 07 September but alas that wasn’t to be. I started off very well and managed to shift 3.5lbs in 2 weeks but now I’ve gained 5lbs more than what I was before I went on holiday! Go figure… I was on a cruise where the food and drink was plentiful…how can this be!! I’m kidding myself on, I know how it happened…I just don’t seem to care what I eat. It’s like “sod them all, I will have chips with everything”!!

So now I’m thinking “if only I could lose some weight before I start on the injections”. I’ve only got 10 days to lose a stone…that’s not going to happen!! So I was thinking even if I could lose some weight by then, surely I’ll feel better (I keep telling myself how I’ll feel so much better if only I were to lose half a stone!).

I’ve got out an old Scottish Slimmers “Double Boost Week” planner and I plan on sticking to that for a whole week (I’ve never managed one day on it before)… am I kidding myself???

I did read on the web that your changes of IVF being successful where increased if your BMI is under 30, luckily at the moment mine’s is only 26.7! I say ONLY but I am appalled that it is as high as this!

And to make things worse a friend of mines has told me about her cousin who “ballooned” once she started injections??

I honestly dread to think what I’m going to look like…Jabba the Hut springs to mind!!!

Jabba the Hut

Jabba the Hut



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23 09 2009

Hi! I did get somewhat of an answer. My Dr. said it was okay to run and continue regular activities as long as it is comfortable. I’ve been on the treadmill 30-45 minutes a day. He said as the follicles grow it would be painful to run and I should be careful. My ET is on Sat and I’m still jogging/running definitely slowed down. My dr. seem to say “listen to your body”

23 09 2009


Thanks for letting me know, I bet you’re glad you don’t have to stop altogether.

Best of luck for Saturday x

20 09 2009

Hi Burk,
I’m having the same problem. I fortunately have a BMI 25 but I still would love to be 10 pounds lighter (so I could have more room to grow :) I’ve monitored my weight daily since I began shots (this helps me in general stay on track). I’ve lost 1-2 pounds since the beginning of September and I just want to maintain at this point. One of the questions my DR. asked during our intake interview was whether I had lost or gained more than 5 pounds in the past 12 months. I didn’t so I said no, but I always wondered what the relevance of the question was.
I’m headed for my second utlrasound and blood test this morning. I’ll walk on the treadmill instead of running until I get a confirmation about the sanity of running. Also I am beginning to “feel” my ovaries a little bloated….or is it my imagination!?!? Take Care-

21 09 2009

Hi Susana, thanks for your comment. I’ve just noticed that I’d originally put my BMI at 36.7 but it’s actually 26.7…not great but better than 36.7, that must have been a tad confusing :o)

Glad to hear that you’ve not put weight on since starting the injections, that gives me hope!

I did read that you shouldn’t lose more than 10% of your body weight during IVF treatment (as a result of dieting) as it can have a negative effect on a positive outcome, but again you read so many conflicting things!

I have a treadmill too which I really need to start using but I’d heard that running on a treadmill isn’t a good idea either, if you get clarification from your doc I’d be grateful if you could let me know.

Hope all went well with the blood test and ultrasound, take care Cxx

16 09 2009

Hey there. As a fellow IVFer (my retrieval is tomorrow) I can say that the bloating is not bad. Barely noticeable. I have gone up one pound or something since starting the drugs. Another girl I know in same cycle says she’s uncomfortable with bloating, but she looks the same as when she started.

I can relate to the mystery of overeating when you are contemplating starting a cycle. I wanted to be a little lighter before I started, but instead, I gained. I just could not seem to be in control. I really think it’s the stress.


17 09 2009


I don’t know if it’s coincedence or not but I just read your blog last night!! :o)

Thanks very much for your comment, it’s so good to know that I’m not the only one having these issues.

Best of luck with your ER, I’ll keep updated by your blog to find out how it’s went.

Thanks again for your kind wishes. Cxx

17 09 2009

Thanks very much for your comment, it’s so good to know that I’m not the only one having these issues.

Best of luck with your ER, I’ll keep updated by your blog to find out how it’s went.

Thanks again for your kind wishes.

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