NHS Waiting List fiasco!

2 09 2009

>> Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I received a letter from the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Little France) telling me that I will be put on the NHS IVF waiting list from 01 July 2010!

Wait that isn’t the best bit…”the waiting time for NHS treatment is currently upwards of 3 years”.

So by the time I’ll get to the top of the list it’ll be 2013 and by that time I’ll be 38 years old but there’s more…”In line with Scottish policy….does not fund treatment if the woman is aged 38 or over..”

So that’s that! I will be on the waiting list only to get to the top and have them tell me that I’m too old, sorry about that!! Total bummer!!

However, we have this self -funded cycle coming up so hopefully we’ll not need to go on the waiting list anyway.

Also, as Little France is an NHS clinic patients are only allowed 3 cycles of treatment. If you self fund any cycles, these self-funded cycles will be deducted from this 3. So because we have this cycle coming up, we are now only eligible to 2 more cycles on the NHS (but it looks like we’ll never ever get IVF for free on the NHS).

I’m so glad that we are in a position where we can afford to pay for IVF, I can only imagine how distraught I’d have been if I’d received this letter and we had no way of funding IVF ourselves. Thanks Pop’s x




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