Natal Hypnotherapy

1 09 2009

>> Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Thought I’d share this one with you.

I recently bought a hypnosis CD called “The IVF Companion“. I’ve listened to it whilst not really listening if you know what I mean and it sounds like it is really going to help with the stress of IVF. I’ve always thought thinking too much about trying to get pregnant is a contributing factor in me not getting pregnant as there is nothing physically wrong with either of us.

There are 2 tracks, you’ve to listen to the first track before embryo transfer and then after ET you listen to the other track. The first track is to help deal with the scans, injections, doctors appointments etc and the second is to help you visualise your baby growing healthily and to also help you not get too obsessed with the whole IVF process.

I’d also bought one of their other CD’s “Prepare to Conceive” but to be honest I didn’t listen to it enough because I felt I needed to keep it a secret and was too embarassed to tell him about it (he doesn’t “believe” in hypnotherapy, acupuncture (tried that too), homeopathy etc. So I’ve told my hubby about the IVF companion CD, he did laugh and say I was bonkers but now that he knows I can just say “don’t disturb me I’m away to listen to my CD” :o) and I plan on listening to it every single day.

I’ve also been for one fertiliy based EFT session and felt it really did help reduce my stress levels and really helped stop those nagging thoughts and it also brought to the fore stuff that I didn’t realise I was hung up on. It’s well worth looking in to and I’ll be going back for more sessions once I start IVF. I’ve also used EFT for weight loss, it does look strange but it is worth a try and doesn’t cost anything…there are loads of videos on You Tube about it.




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