CD 25 and step-daughter in hospital

31 08 2009

My step-daughter went in to hospital today to have one of her fallopian tubes removed and have laser treatment on her cervix following an abnormal smear.

When she told me on Friday she was going in today we both had a good cry and I tried to reassure her that she’d be able to conceive naturally one day and if all else fails she could still under go IVF. She doesn’t know about me and her Dad going for IVF soon (well neither I nor DH have told her..maybe DH’s mum will have).

So she’s to go to a fertility clinic in 6 weeks time to discuss her options but she was told by the consultant on Friday that if she wants to have kids in the future she’d better not leave it too late and recommended she do it within the next 2-3 years…she’s only 23 this year!

I was joking with DH that he might end up coming to see his son/daughter and his grandson/grandaughter in the hospital at the same time…he wasn’t pleased!! :-)

AF is definitely on the way, I’m hoping she holds out for another day or 2 so the clinic can’t make me wait another month. I know they said I was to phone when AF showed in September but I’m thinking if I phone on the 1st of September they’ll tell me to wait another month…we were told at our very first appointment at the clinic that they need to schedule the embryologists time and there was availablity for October….I know I’m stressing probably for nothing…deary me!! :-)




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