CD 23 and treated for scabbies!

31 08 2009

Isn’t there always something every month that you think “that could potentially stop me getting pregnant this month!”?

Well my DH was diagnosed with scabbies on Fri 28/09 and was told we’d both need to use the cream to treat it. So on Saturday night we covered ourselves in cream from head to toe and we’ve to do it again this Saturday the 05/09. The thing is, he’s had this since December but didn’t go to the docs until 3 weeks ago and it was first diagnosed as eczema and was using a steriod cream which obviously didn’t work. In the months prior to him going to the docs he’s tried Canesten (yes thrush cream!) and insect repellent…what a man!! Anyway, here’s hoping the rash disappears now and he did ask the doc about using this with our upcoming IVF and he said it’d be fine.

DH also stood on a rusty nail last week so needs to go back to docs for a Tetanus jag and a Hepatitis B jag…who knows what effect they’ll have on his little swimmers!! :-)




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