CD 22 and waiting on AF!

28 08 2009

It’s only CD22 and I’m stressing that AF will show up early.

She can’t…I’ve already had a visit this month and I’m expecting to start my IVF when she next shows up but it needs to be September. It should be round about the 6th of September but I’ve had a few twinges, starting on CD20. The earliest AF has showed up before has been CD27 so I’m hanging on to the hope that she’ll not come any quicker this month!

If she comes again in August I’m not sure whether my IVF will start or the clinic will make me wait until later in September…I’m stressing and I’ve not even started anything..oh deary me!! :-)

On the other hand I’m hoping that AF won’t show at all and I’ll be preggers so I won’t need to go through IVF but my friends dog jumped up on me on Wed, right where I think my womb is and it was painful for a good hour afterwards… so who knows!!

Anyways, I’ve got a count down on my phone (sad I know) and it’s showing 6 DAYS to AF (fingers crossed) x




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